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Coastguard Hibiscus

Who we are

Coastguard Hibiscus is one of 25 Coastguard units forming the Coastguard Northern Region. The unit consists of local volunteers with the common goal of saving lives at sea. Coastguard Hibiscus operates two Coastguard Rescue Vessels: a 9.5 m Naiad RIB based at Gulf Harbour Marina, and a 7.7 m Sealegs™ amphibious vessel based at Stanmore Bay. Despite being crewed by volunteers (with jobs and families), the boats and their crew are available to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What we do

  • Search and rescue assistance 24/7
  • Unlimited free-of-charge assists
  • Information and safety services
  • Publications
  • Discounts on education courses, charts, and other products

Our vessels

The unit now operates two dedicated Rescue Vessels. Hibiscus Rescue One is a 9.5 m Naid vessel based out of Gulf Harbour. In 2008 a second rescue vessel was added based at the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club in Stanmore Bay. This is a 6.9m Sealegs -- the only vessel of its kind in Coastguard Service. It has powered, retractable wheels that allow it to drive straight into and out of the water -- ideal for transferring people and equipment onto land. The addition of this vessel on the Northern side of the Whangaparaoa peninsula has also dramatically improved our response time for incidents in that part of the Hibiscus Coast.

Hibiscus Rescue 1 entering Gulf Harbour

Hibiscus Rescue 2 at Stanmore Bay