Hibiscus Coastguard holds regular meetings and training sessions on Tuesday evenings alternating between Gulf Harbour and Stanmore Bay. Once you’ve expressed an interest in joining our unit as a volunteer, our recruitment officer will send you some forms to complete and invite you to the next induction night (intake) to have look around the boats, meet the crew and ask any questions you might have. If, after that, you still wish to proceed, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • Attend meetings and training sessions
  • Have a tour over both boats
  • Attend boat check sessions
  • On water familiarization / training Hibiscus Rescue One at least twice
  • First interview with two committee members
  • Get booked onto and complete Recruit Modules
  • Be assigned a mentor
  • Second interview with two committee members
  • Name put to committee for approval to be accepted into the unit
  • Upon acceptance, put onto a team and given a crew number
  • Get booked onto remaining trainee modules
  • Upon completion of trainee modules and practical elements, awarded an Operational Crew certificate

This process can take several months, but you are able to proceed through these steps at your own pace, depending on your own circumstances and commitments. We offer support and guidance to all of our volunteers every step of the way.