SAR Training Dates - 2018


Training modules

Hibiscus based training

GSMEAC (Training PPT)

CQM Principles (Training PPT)

Line Handling (Training PDF)

Marine Flares (Training DOC)

Towing Techniques (Training PPT)


Inductee phase

Health and Safety Workbook

Health and safety guide for mariners

Personal Safety

Crew Resource Management 1

NZ SAR System



Trainee phase

    Observation Techniques

    Local Area Familiarisation

    Navigation Study Guide

    SAR Communications

    Towing Techniques

    Victim Recovery

    CRV Handling


    Operational phase

    Advanced Helming

    CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System)

    Damage Control and Basic Repairs

    On Scene Command

    Seamanship 2

    Search Techniques

    Working With Aircraft


    Senior phase

    Crew Resource Management 2



    HIB 1 Fire SOP

    HIB 1 Man Overboard SOP

    HIB 1 Abandon Ship SOP

    Hib 2 Electrical Fire SOP

    Hib 2 Outboard/Inboard Fire SOP

    Hib 2 Man Overboard SOP

    Hib 2 Abandon Ship SOP

    Mass Casualty Triage

    Passenger Briefing SOP


    Loss of Power

    Loss of Stearing

    Environmental Hazard


    HIB1's MOSS manual - All emergency response procedures



    Departure Brief ( Boat Edition)

    Departure Brief ( Full)

    Departure Brief ( Powerpoint)

    Red Boat Book

    Water Sample Information


    EQUIPMENT LIST & MANUALS - Hibiscus Rescue 1

    Hib 1 Log Sheet

    Weekly Boat Checks

    Monthly Boat Checks


    Hib 1 Structure Sheet

    Hib 1 Systems Training

    Hib 1 Gear List Diagram


    Nav Training

    HIb 1 Raymarine 2016 GS Unit  Abridged Manual

    Raymarine Wiring Diagram

    FLIR Scout TK manual


    Departure Brief Check List


    EQUIPMENT LIST & MANUALS - Hibiscus Rescue 2

    Hib 2 Log sheet

    Hib 2 Weekly Checks Sheet

    Hib 2 Monthly Checks Sheet


    Sealegs 7.7 Owners Manual

    Structure Sheet

    Hib 2 Gear List Diagram


    Raymarine Nav Lighthouse II Series


    Hib 2 Hazards



    Archived Vessel logs