May 2017 meeting minutes


2 May 2017


The General Monthly Hibiscus Coast Meeting was called to order by the President, Dan McGowan, at 19:15 held at the Stanmore Bay Fishing Club on Tuesday, 2 May 2017.


Dan McGowan, Tom Bailey, Dave Tilley, Alan Mellor, Reg Werner, Grant Hanley, Rachel Hessey, Keith Smith, Donna Cheriton, Simon O’Brien, Nicky Kenny, Justine Sanderson, Jason King, Rob Williams, Graham Maskell, Jackie Maskell, Rick Oliver, David Maritz, Dale Hodson, Matt Van Der Linden, Fiona Rist, Sarah Gardiner, Greg Daniel, Neville Modlin, Ian Robertson, Mike Fisher, Kieran Pangalila, Dale Hodson, Mark Dickinson, Reg Werner, Sylvia Holding


Karen Elliott, Stuart Robertson, David Brittain, Sarah Champion, Mark Manhire, Mike Holding, Tom Leaman, Raymond Greenfield, Jeff Royle, Roydon Christie, Nigel Shaw.

Crews for week

Crews for the week read out – Army Week.


Job discussed, including the fire on yacht 2 weekends ago, an extended operation taking some time.  Couple of medicals, and Reg noted that Sarah Champion was very good on helming with a job involving a yacht breaking loose and mooring on mud.


Previous Minutes

No matters arising from the minutes of the Previous Meeting held April 2017

                                                                                                                                               Approved Nicky/Matt                                                                                                                                                                   

President’s Report

Hib 1 refit.

·         Dates moved because of the Grant Application by CNR to NZCT. Confirmation due by end of May. Finances are looking good and the refit is booked starting from 12 June. 

·         New motors have been ordered.  Old motors have now been confirmed sold to the Explore Group.

·         New pontoons ordered and on the way.

·         Anti-stuffing pods which are cracked and filling up will be repaired or ideally replaced (work in progress)

·         Painting, new carpet, new wiring etc. to be done

·         Refit to take approximately 2 weeks.  Hib 2 for callouts over this period

Crew Action: Crew on board on the 11th June to please come in earlier off water on the day and take off ALL gear and store in the container.

CNR Leadership Workshop Feedback

Attended by Karen and Dan - agreed it was worthwhile with some good ideas coming from it with lots of discussion around strategy, recruitment and training.  Noted that Hibiscus threshold for operational crew assessment is set at a much higher standard than other units and above the requirements in the CNZ syllabus. It was acknowledged that it is within our right to do so, that doing so protects skipper and crew, and this was defended at the workshop. Other units taking note. 

CNR are putting together a "tool kit" for things like recruitment, fundraising, etc. for all units to access.

Hibiscus Coastguard Community

Raymond is recuperating at home after several medical procedures. Better every day.

Les Sharman recently had seizures and has suffered a setback in his recovery. At home now.

Eddie Law collapsed at Anzac Day Parade and was taken away by ambulance–no update at time of meeting [post--meeting update: he's 100% OK]

Trust Meeting Feedback

Meeting with trust resulted in agreement to streamline several bank accounts.  We now have one high-interest bearing account and 1 smaller operational account for day to day transactions. 

Coastguard “Chips”, Xmas BBQ, awards night and other crew welfare expenditure defended and will remain.

Smart Phone App – Active911

Has been trialled by North Shore and ACI; we anticipate rollout to other units by June.  Won’t replace pager system.  Has many more functions such as the ability to alert everybody where they are by GPS for urgent call-outs.  Cost will be approx $500 per annum for unit our size, but well worth it. 

Good in the Hood/Auction Night

Conscious of volunteer fatigue after several back to back events, so shifts for Good in the Hood limited to 2 hours per person. If everybody does just one shift during May, we will have enough cover without becoming a major burden on a few.  We raised $13 000 for the unit the last time we participated in this event.

Jenny Britain will provide an Auction Night update when back from her travels. [Post-meeting note: October 7 or 14 are tentatively booked to take advantage of daylight savings]. 

Approved Donna/David

Crew Chief Report – Karen Elliott

Thanks to Donna for her years of service in the role of Unit Training Officer. She has done a wonderful job. Welcome to Neville as new UTO.

Approved Justine/Kayla Rose

Maintenance Report – presented by Dean Robbins on behalf of Raymond Greenfield

Hib 1

Replaced Fire Extinguisher

Replaced 2 Red Flares

Replenished spare batteries

Hib 2

No issues

Approved Jason/Matt

Training Report – Donna Cheriton

Thanked crew for support and commended all for the commitment and hard work in achieving training outcomes.  Very happy to be handing over to Neville!          

Operational certificates presented to Keith Smith and Fiona Rist. David Brittain absent and certificate to be presented at a later date. Senior Operational certificate presented to Dan McGowan. Raymond Greenfield absent and certificate to be presented at a later date. First aid (refresher) cert presented to Rick Oliver.

Approved Dale/Simon

Safety Report – David Tilley

Not much, only in terms of around routine equipment maintenance as mentioned in maintenance report. 

Replaced PFD’s on Hib 2

Defib Battery Hib 1

Defib Pads child size on Hib 1 & 2

Also for training purposes there are now defib pads and dummy in shed. 

1 Incident for Raymond reported to CNR – no follow-up required.

                                                                                                              Approved Fiona/Donna

Recruitment Report – Rachel Hessey

Several new recruits in attendance at tonight’s meeting.  Welcome to Mark Dickinson.  Mark has recently arrived from the UK to join family over here.  Retired from the UK Liverpool police force.  Very happy to be here on the Coast.  We now have 5-6 new recruits progressing including Rob/Sarah and Kieran. 


General Business

No other business

Meeting closed 19:52



April 2017 meeting minutes


4 April 2017



The General Monthly Hibiscus Coast Meeting was called to order by Karen Elliott, at 19:10 pm on Tuesday 4 April 2017 held at the Stanmore Bay Fishing Club.



Karen Elliott, Tom Bailey, Sarah Champion, Ian Robertson, Dave Tilley, Rachel Hessey, Raymond Greenfield,  Nick Salmon, Sylvia Holding, Joe Saunders, Alan Mellor, Jeff Royle, Reg Werner, Grant Hanley, Keith Smith, Donna Cheriton, Mike Holding, Simon O’Brien, Nicky Kenny, Justine Sanderson, Jason King, Rob Williams, Graham Maskell, Rick Oliver, Matt Turner, Nigel Shaw, David Maritz, Dale Hodson, Matt Van Der Linden, Fiona Rist, Tom Bailey, Steve White



Dan McGowan, Alex Wilson, Greg Daniel, Neville Modlin, Stuart Robertson, David Brittain, Mark Manhire



Crews for week

Crews for the week read out – Manly Week.



Sat – Couple of tows and a search for kayaker separated from his mate off Browns Bay.  Been quiet over last month.


Previous Minutes

No matters arising from the minutes of the Previous Meeting held March 2017

                                                                                                            Approved Jeff/Matt                                                                                                                        

Presidents Report – presented by Karen Elliott for Dan McGowan

·         Congrats to the three new ops [Fiona, Dave Brittain & Keith Smith – ed.] and to Raymond [and Dan for their Senior Operational – ed.].. Great to see all the training paying off

·         Cheque collected for $1500 from the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club as the proceeds from the fishing comp they ran in Nov (with us as beneficiaries). Gave a short talk about what we do and answered a few questions

·         Congrats to Jenny and the Shore crew for a successful initial Z Good in the Hood application.  Expecting to hear from Z Whangaparaoa. More to come.

·         Thanks to Rachel for coordinating resources for this weekend’s soapbox derby. It’s really important everyone gets in behind this as the organizers require man (and woman) power and we are a beneficiary of the event.

·         Upcoming talk to Men’s shed coffee club in May

·         Karen, Donna and I attended a CNZ supporters event at MRC, only a handful of volunteers there (from ACI, Hibiscus and NS) and it was nice to be invited and speak to some individuals who support Coastguard financially

·         A few things happening around the refit but Raymond will update everyone. CNR putting a grant application in to NZCT on our behalf.

·         $20 000 donation from the Lion Foundation


Approved Justine/Nicky



Crew Chief Report – Karen Elliot

The supporter event CNZ held at MRC went well, about 70 members of the public who gift monthly, have left a bequest in their will, or donate to CG attended a morning tea, a talk about CG in general from Patrick Holmes CEO of CNZ and a real story of Buz and Oisin told by one of the rescue boat skippers and then the guys themselves!

They then got to chat to a few volunteers (only us 3 and the crew of NS rescue who bought their boat along, were there) and have a look over ASB and Alpha and the radio room.

Welcome David Maritz into our unit.

Approved Raymond /Dale

Maintenance Report – Raymond Greenfield

Not much to report on with maintenance.  Pontoon black strips repaired/replaced. 

Update on refit.  Due to requirements from CNZ that we have to now apply for Grant Funding, 2 sets of quotes have to be obtained and the scheduled work has been postponed as this process is followed.  Due to the nature of the work needing to be done at certain stages and very much dependent on the timetables of the suppliers providing the service, refit could be late July or even August. 

Approved Rick/Oliver


Training Report – Donna Cheriton

Congratulations to those who recently competed and passed their assessments; Raymond & Dan to Senior Operations, David Brittain, Fiona Rist & Keith Smith on achieving operational.


Looking to organize Nav assessments end of April & another set of operational hopefully coming through soon. 




Safety Report – David Tilley

From safety there are only a few updates. There are some items of equipment due for servicing and replacement being undertaken this month.

One reported incident on Hib 1 with crew person hitting their head on the front hatch when heading out to deal with lines. This is a known hazard and no further action required.

Currently updating the monthly boat checks for both Hib 1 & 2 to include the towing equipment included on our towing equipment list so that we record they are checked monthly. I am looking to put together a sheet for both boats highlighting what to look for when checking the equipment.

Myself and Karen will be setting up a review of the MOSS documentation so that we can check where we are and then discuss anything that we feel should be amended.


                                                                                                                                              Approved Nicky/Jason

Recruitment Report – Rachel Hessey

We currently have two new recruits Sarah and Rob. If you haven't already introduced yourselves to them, please make sure you do and make them feel welcomed. Crew leaders, please let me know when you have space on the boat.


Thank you to Dale and Livvy, Matt Turner, Fiona Rist, David Maritz and Jacqui Maskell for attending the recruitment drive day yesterday. Unfortunately we didn't have any enquiries, however we were able to complete the boat checks, and clean up the shed a little.  You may notice some of the wet weather gear is missing - Jacqui and I have taken a selection home to wash and dry.


Finally as mentioned in my email we have some serious holes to fill and bodies required for the Soap Box Derby this weekend. Remember we are one of the benefactors of this event - but to get the money we need to give the time. So please let me know when you can help out.




General Business


Steve White attended and spoke about his upcoming sailing adventures up to and around the Pacific Islands.  He has a blog under sailblogs on his Facebookfacebook page or look up to track Steve and Adrienne.  He expects to be back to NZ in October.


Keith on New Ops Assessments

Keith gave an overview of how the day went on the Saturday for himself, Fiona and David.  A tough and long day, all agreed happy relief at it being reached.  Something that came up was that assessments are not just about testing to be following a tick box procedure to be followed a 100% correctly but a guideline – and depending on the situation on the day they may need to change.  Robb Henry as the assessor likes to throw curveballs.


Raymond on Senior Operational Assessments

With Dan only able to get to boat on the Sunday at  11:30, Raymond enjoyed Robb Henry’s full attention from 9am with some tricky CQM in the marina.  A very windy day made things challenging but keeping a cool head under pressure is the only way to get through.


Robb Henry has some recommendations for the unit that came out of the assessments which Donna will share at the next meeting. 


Meeting closed 20.00